MIA Group is a far reaching and comprehensive group of companies, MIA PARTNER, MIA EUROPE and MIA EXPORT DEMAND offering tailormade solutions to help companies of all sizes, from SMEs to large multinationals, find the right partners.



MIA Partner has been in operation for over 20 years, helping companies develop business in Central and Eastern Europe.

From the early 1990’s, the economies of Central and Eastern Europe established a record of growth and economic progress that few regions have matched.

Emerging from decades of socialism, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, and Slovenia became standout performers in the global economy.
Their inherent strengths were unleashed as state-owned industries were privatized and labour reforms implemented, attracting a flood of capital and foreign direct investment that drove productivity improvements and per capita GDP growth.

MIA Partners Global Commerce Eastern Europe project provides a comprehensive 12-month operation to develop both direct and indirect sales channels in various market sectors in Central and Eastern Europe.



MIA EXPORT DEMAND's mission is to increase our clients turnover in chosen export markets. Specializing in the European market, we achieve this by handpicking our Manufacturers, presenting them as a chosen and preferred supplier and placing them with Key Buyers and Local Partners looking for the best possible manufacturing technology or solution.

MIA EXPORT DEMAND's knowledge of export markets began in 1988 when still Hong Kong belonged to the UK and the Berlin wall still existed.

Since 1988 our Project Directors have specialized in developing Export Business for Western Manufacturers in Russia, East Europe, Europe, China, Asia, America, and North America.

Our clients find that finding and employing the right technical staff is becoming harder and harder even impossible sometimes to find the right team to help them grow.
Although our clients are extremely strong in terms of manufacturing, when it comes to exporting the technology finding the right contacts and qualifying those contacts can sometimes be problematic.

Here at MIA Export Demand over the years, we have built vital one to one relations and we have the right connections to your local partners, resellers and end-users. Importantly we employ industry-specific research staff, with the necessary technical expertise to build business in emerging markets and to be able to generate enquiries that have a definite commercial interest in your Technology or Solutions.



Over the past 22 years, we have built up a good business relationship with key decision makers across Eastern Europe and have been closely following where funding and investment has been made in this region. This leaves us in a unique position to introduce your company to these key decision makers. We do this via our long established and well-received Global Commerce Eastern Europe directory, firstly via CD-ROM, DVD then USB.

MIA EUROPE business directory has a total circulation of 10,000 key buyers throughout Central and Eastern Europe. It is focused on both direct and indirect sales channels including distributors, resellers, importers, engineering companies, system integrators, OEMs, agents, representatives, consultants and key major end users across key industry sections. Unlike other publications we do not have a static circulation. In other words each circulation is customised to suit the advertisers in each edition. This ensures that we will cover all key channels relevant to your company. The distribution is compiled from our own first-hand knowledge of the region built up over the last 22 years and recorded in our comprehensive in-house database.

Crucially, we also closely follow investments into the region from the World Bank, EBRD, EIB and other financial institutions and target these companies accordingly.